Founded in 2002, was created as a one-stop shop for the do-it-yourself prop builder looking to build their Halloween creations. As a Halloween junkies, Kat and Jason found they were spending more time hunting down the pivotal parts to make their creations come to life than on actually building their props. was the solution to this problem. With the understanding of what prop builders needs were, Kat and Jason was able to forge a business that catered to their wants and at prices they could afford. Everything was geared to making the home haunters experience as easy and fun as possible.

As the business grew over the years, MonsterGuts has moved from selling the basics like their tried and true wiper motors and pneumatics to state of the art prop controller boards and digital effects. The company continually works with industry leaders to create and bring to market innovative new products to take Halloween prop building to the next level. MonsterGuts is proud to be home to home haunters and prop builders alike.