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1-Relay / Channel 12VDC Wireless Remote

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The new 1-CHANNEL WIRELESS REMOTE + RECEIVER can be used for triggering or turning ON and OFF: Prop Controllers, Media Players, Lights, LEDs, Motors, Audio Players, Air-Cannons / Water Sprayers, Special FX, and much more!


  • 1 x Transmitter (with battery and key ring)
  • 1 x Receiver (with the cover)


  • 12V 10A learning code receiver / switch + transmitter / remote control
  • Relays: 10A / 120V AC, 20A /14V DC
  • Relays use N.O. / C / N.C. contact terminals
  • Working Voltage Range of Relay: AC 110-240V or DC 0-28V
  • High-quality wireless control - easy to use & install
  • Turn ON or OFF the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance
  • Wireless signal can pass through walls, floors, and doors (depending on installation environment)
  • Protective / slidable cover on the remote control with key ring for easy carrying
  • Plastic snap case cover for receiver and mounting
  • Fixed coding, stable, and reliable relay control
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC
  • Maximum Load: 10A
  • Operating Frequency: 315 MHz/433MHZ
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -100dBm
  • Adjustable relay output: jog / self-lock via jumper
  • Receiver size: Approx. 65 x 39 x 11.5mm (without cover)


  • Jog: press one button on remote, then release the same button to stop. (need one channel switch and one buttons remote control)
  • Self-lock: press one button on remote for one time, then press the same button again to stop. (need one channel switch and one buttons remote control)

Note: 1 CH / 2 CH / 4 CH and 1/2/4 buttons wireless remote control. You can choose the jog or self-lock output, press button is on, release button is off, or press button is on press the button again is off.


  • Output way is adjustable. It can control the motor running in positive and reverse directions directly with the voltage output or can output 2 CH independent switch signal.
  • Wireless remote control switch is the widely use wireless remote control and uses the mini Processor control relay / prop intelligently.


  • Triggering Prop Controllers
  • Triggering Media Players
  • Triggering Audio Players
  • Triggering Air-Cannons / Water Sprayers
  • Turn motors ON and OFF
  • Turn LED or 110V lighting ON and OFF
  • Special FX trigegring
  • And much more


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