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Premium Hand-Held Trigger Push-Button - Pre-Wired

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This premium, hand-held, pre-wired, momentary push-button can be used instantly "trigger" your Prop Controller, Motor Controller, HD Media Player, or other trigger-able device. The push-button casing is METAL and NOT plastic and the whole trigger button is rated INDUSTRIAL-GRADE by the manufacturer, built to last! casing

This triggered push-button comes pre-wired with 20' feet of 2 conductor black wire, so you can have it hooked up and ready-to-go in just a few minutes. Just connect the 2 already "tinned" cold contact wires to GROUND and TRIGGER IN LO on your PC-2 or PC-4 Prop Controllers, Motor Controllers, HD Media Player, and when you push the button, it will trigger those devices. The triggering signal last as long as your hold the button down. When you release the button, the spring-loaded button will pop back up, ending the trigger.

This is a GREAT device when you need "hands-on" control to start your show, effect, or prop and is a must have for all haunters!

  • Industrial-Grade Quality
  • Includes 20' feet pre-wired black wire
  • Tinned Connection Terminals
  • Uses "Cold Contact" connections
  • Momentary Trigger Function (duration of pressing)
  • Red Colored Push-Button


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